Don’t be fooled by pretenders like @JoshBain94

Hi, I’m Lucy. I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve seen my savage take down of my ex, Josh, and want all the juicy goss…well I aim to please so here goes. I met Josh just before COVID hit in February 2020. I was out running and got chatting to Josh in the park after I dropped an air pod and he jogged after me to return it. He was dressed for the gym, which was an instant tick, because if you haven’t already guessed, I’m really into fitness, health and wellbeing. We chatted for what seemed like hours and there was an instant spark. The chemistry was electrifying. After that, we met up a few more times and were soon exclusive. Then COVID hit…and after lockdown 1 we decided to move in together – we were both a little, erm, frustrated after three months of isolation… In hindsight it was probably too soon, but we seemed to get on so well, we were both really into our workouts and keeping in shape (apparently), we laughed at the same jokes, binged watched the same TV, life was good.

Fast forward to the beginning of August 2021

Josh and I had been living together for just under 1 year and I started to notice things were massively off. Life was returning to some normality and Josh was going out every weekend, binge drinking etc. I would take the bin out and find fast food rubbish in there every day and despite leaving the house dressed for the gym, I know for a fact he wasn’t training… now I know what you’re thinking – this is the bit where I tell you Josh was cheating. Well, yes and no. He IS a cheat, but he wasn’t sleeping around. He simply wasted a year and a half of my life pretending to be someone he’s not. We were planning a future, yet he knew he was a fake – making out he was as committed to a healthy and active lifestyle as me, when in fact all he wanted to do was down 10 pints of lager and a tray of Jager’s at the weekend, stuff his face with KFC, Dominos and McDonalds for dinner and binge watch Netflix until his eyes bled. I feel humiliated, deceived and stupid for wasting precious time with someone I thought shared the same values as me. So, my message to everyone is, be real, be honest and live your life to the full with genuine people. If like me you want to invest your time and energy into finding matches that are compatible from the ‘get go’, download the Fitafy app.

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